“We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors but we are borrowing it from our children and one day we will owe it back to them. And when we do, it should be a place just as wonderful as when we found it "

We strongly believe that each of us should honour this principle in everyday life and we also believe that those like us, that work in direct contact with the earth and nature, should do it with even more attention and care. This is the root on which all our path is implemented in the vineyard and cellar and we certainly do not do it for fashion!
Respecting the Earth and being grateful to it for its fruits, has always been part of the centennial tradition of the winemakers of the Langhe and therefore of our culture.
You will find the words “VINNOVIAMO” on our labels. A neologism and a play with words created to indicate that today the protection of our environment, and of all the ecosystem, is an imperative and vital requirement: we must innovate, by LOVING. And wine must be made by INNOVATING.

In short, for us it is beautiful and amazing to use innovative equipment and machinery that allow us to follow and manage all processes in the best possible way, but it is essential that these innovations work with care, delicacy and respect, making us love our work more and more, achieve our vision allowing you to taste the results, to really feel all the passion we put into it.
We do not believe there are other viable alternatives. Our future and that of new generations is not optional!
Of course, all of this is not just limited to the land and wine, but to our approach to life and thus the need to have a place, to share with you, that fully reflects all this was born and grew with us: the winery in Neive.
Through the choice of construction materials, an environmentally sustainable impact, particular construction choices and spaces dedicated to you, you can taste our idea of wine and, why not, of life. You can take a break, live with the senses, slow down, reflect and take back some of your time.
After all, this is also part of our mission.