The Winery

We built it at the foot of the hills. We wanted our new winery to be easily accessible and embraced by Nature, a stone’s throw from Alba and Treiso, the native cradle of our wines and the origin of our history.
Calling it a winery though is an understatement. Because it is a rendezvous and an iconic exhibition space, designed not only for working on wines, but also and above all to share our idea of the territory.
Different environments organised within an original and unprecedented architectural concept, dedicated to those who want to break new ground and go on immersive journeys.

Each space was conceived in relation to its function, targeting the next one in a game of continuity and connection with the external landscape. Here it is natural to experience the encounter with wine and above all with our way of interpreting it.
That is why you can participate in tasting in the winery, but also go on a sensorial journey independently to understand the soul of a Barbaresco, the velvety folds of a Barbera, the luminous impulses of an Arneis or the melancholy of a Nebbiolo. A game to play using the 5 senses: sight, smell, palate, hearing and touch.
Sometimes a glance is enough.

It is a succession of warm, precious and technical materials that welcome and accompany you in a new and at the same time familiar atmosphere.
Look around: the colours and surfaces speak to you, from the essences of wood that characterise the interiors and the furnishings, in their functional minimalism, to the external walls in Corten steel whose rust surface refers to the slow passing of time, the gentle one that gives our wines long life.
Architecture and Nature speak to each other here: through the windows that bring together interiors and exteriors, thanks to the diffused light coming from above through the ceiling openings, or in the geometric rhythms of the chiselled shell that holds the bright lounge-restaurant.