Pier Paolo Grasso e Sara Morra

My name is Sara and I am Pier Paolo's wife.

Unlike him, I do not come from a farmland family but since I was a child, I have always had particular respect and care for plants and animals. I have always been fascinated by Mother Nature, her intelligence and by her countless qualities. And so, after a university course in a completely different field, out of passion, I attended a three-year period of psychosomatic medicine, obtaining, among other things, a diploma as a naturopath. This study course strengthened and made it clear how much in me laid in a shape still not well defined. So, I started helping myself with holistic remedies and my approach to Nature evolved and changed: I have the awareness that planet Earth is a great gift, rich in languages and with delicate balances and deep within me I feel the obligation to respect it to the fullest.
When I met Pier Paolo, however, I knew very little about real viticulture and the world of wine, imagine that
I was even practically a teetotaller! But his passion,
his ability to illustrate and explain his wine, the endless
walks in the midst of his vineyards, also gave birth
in me the desire to dedicate myself to his world. Step by step, sometimes even with difficulty and even making mistakes, I discovered and tried each processing phase with my own hands. And then, I attained the infinite world of tasting. Really a great discovery that thanks to continuous training and practice is giving me worlds
unknown to me before then. In short, like Pier Paolo, I am in love and passionate about the whole process that leads to wine and the wine itself. This new passion, linked to that already present and deeply rooted in me, has made me share my approach with Pier Paolo and help him have a new vision of the land, plants, fruits and hence, combining our peculiarities and skills, we have VINNOVATO: we have created something new with Love, which the Neive winery and our wines represent at
I will be waiting for you to guide you in our history, in the history of our places, in our cellar and if you wish, to
share a pleasant tasting together. See you soon!