Pier Paolo Grasso

My name is Pier Paolo Grasso and, as you can easily infer, I founded this winery, in the year 2000.

I do not boast real generations of winemakers, but rather
the good fortune of having been born in a rural setting and of having participated from an early age, in the sowing, in the care of fields, vineyards, hazelnut groves and animals. Just think that my grandfather Pietro, born in 1878, was the one who bought the first vineyards in Barbaresco, vineyards that I personally take care of today with my collaborators.
As a boy however, I realised that, just as I liked the vineyard and the grapes that gave me satisfaction, other crops bored me: even then my dream was to create a company that dealt exclusively with vineyards
and that, as my family was doing, would not stop the production of grapes but came to its precious finished product: wine.
In fact, have always been fascinated by the whole process:
starting from a bare field, and ending with the bottle of wine!
It was certainly not easy at the beginning, I had few vineyards and made wine in a small room at home, used as a cellar. Then over the years my efforts paid off, I was able to expand my beloved vineyards and even the cellar required more space with consequent extensions.
My real change, however, occurred in the last decade, also after meeting the person who would later become my wife and mother of our daughter. Just as I shared with her my story, my passion in making wine, she shared with me her way of looking at Nature and more generally at life.
And so, today, I “speak” to my vines and above all I have learned to listen to them and take care of them in a more delicate and natural way and I expect the same from all my collaborators.
I have also implemented systems and equipment in the winery that act on my wines with the same principles and, moreover, I have chosen to be accompanied by an exceptional wine expert to receive support and advice.
In short, I have come a long way from that little boy who dreamed and imagined his own company, but I know there is still a lot to do because quality, healthiness of the final product and environmental protection are a constant challenge. I will be waiting for you to taste my wines. See you soon!

Pier Paolo

P.S. You will also find my special reserve: the founder’s