Our wines are born here, in what has always been our home: the Lange.

Land of wines and ancestral meeting place and with harmony between man and Nature. From the Classic ones to the Crus, all our wines boast a centenary tradition of these places that today meets cutting-edge technologies and special care to produce exceptional quality and offer unique and genuine emotions. Integrated farming, drastic reduction of sulphites and bottles with weight reduced by 30% compared to the standards, these are just some of the precautions we take to guarantee the highest quality. But the real difference is the passion, love and patience that we put into it. Yes, patience. The patience to know how to wait for the best time to harvest the grapes, to perform the processing of musts at the right time, no matter whether it is day or night and then the long wait for years constantly watching over the large oak barrels. All of this to create unforgettable wines for you.