Pier Paolo Grasso Brand

A new brand for a historic Langhe winemaker

From the Treiso winery to the new brand, which takes root in Neive. A few kilometres away, the same hills immersed in the silence of the Langhe, but a new adventure: even more personal.
Iconic and unusual, the logo that represents it is a double sign, as are two Pier Paolo and Sara: a shield that resembles a chalice and an X that stands for a goal, but also for all that one must do to achieve it: just like the “x” that war pilots painted on the cockpits of their aircrafts to mark those they had shot down in flight against enemies.
“I am a warrior winemaker” said Pier Paolo one day. And the concept originated from there.


Because yes, it is true, being a winemaker means fighting with a thousand unknown variables, Pier Paolo has always said: climate tantrums, frosts, the sultry summers that wreak havoc, sudden and unpredictable hailstorms in spite of weather sensors, rain when you expect the sun and vice versa.
Each vintage is a mystery, each harvest an adventure and in the end a blessing. But that is not enough, then there is the market, which is not the Langhe, but the world.
Thinking of building a new winery, designing new labels, further increasing them quality, inventing new wines and pushing oneself along new paths is also an adventure.
Those you will live by following us!